Is Kenny Dalglish really the right manager for Liverpool?

I saw this article on and it made me think, is Kenny Dalglish really the right manager for Liverpool, will he put up a title challenge or win anything?

“Nothing’s really changed under Kenny Dalglish has it – outwardly anyway. This is not a team that looks any closer to challenging the league’s elite team than the ones built by Rafael Benitez or Gerard Houllier. What I see, and what most who are objective see, is two or three world class players surrounded by a lot of average British players.”

This is an quote from the article, and I totally agree with what the writer has said, there really is only two or three world class players within Liverpool and the others are just average and have been bought for big transfer fees, lets take Andy Carroll for example, he was bought for 35m and has only scored 3 goals and hasn’t really made a big impact, selling Torres is something Liverpool should regret. He was a great player there, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres had a great partnership.

I really can’t see Liverpool challenging for the title for a long time to come, they really should consider getting Carlo Ancelotti as an manager in my opinion Kenny Dalglish isn’t the right manager for Liverpool and can’t see him being a success like Gerard Houllier and Rafael Benitez. – This is the article I read and gave my own opinion on.

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