Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

This question gets asked over and over again by loads of football fans around the world and now I will be giving my opinions on both of them and say who I really think who is better.

So I’m gonna start off with Lionel Messi, started off his youth career by playing for an club called Grandoli coached by his father he played for this team at the age of 5, later on in life he switched to an Argentine club called Newell’s Old Boys he played for these at the age of 11. Also at the age of 11 he was diagnosed with a growth hormone  deficiency. River plate showed interest in Lionel Messi’s talent but couldn’t pay for the treatment for his illness which cost £500 a month. Later on Barcelona showed a interest in Lionel Messi and signed him after watching him play and offered to pay for medical bills if he was prepared to start a new life in Spain. His family agreed to do so. I have gave you a brief background of Lionel Messi now for my opinion on him. From 2004 on wards  Lionel Messi has scored a staggering 129 goals in 184 games. Messi is defiantly one of the best players in the world alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. In my opinion Messi is a great player and has done superb for Barcelona throughout his career, he has world class players around him which help him be one of the best players in the world. Messi is untouchable and every team dreads coming against him, if I was a professional footballer I would defiantly dread coming against him.

Now for Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo started off his youth career by playing for CF Andorinha , he started of playing for these at the age of 16. When he turned 18 he moved onto Sporting CP. While playing for Sporting CP he scored 3 goals in 25 games. Once Ronaldo played against Manchester United while he was playing for Sporting CP. He has a terrific game, he played so well he Manchester United players asked Sir Alex Ferguson to sign Ronaldo. When Ronaldo turned 20 he played for Manchester United and scored 84 goals in 196 games. When Ronaldo turned 24 Real Madrid signed him for a staggering 50m! He was well worth the money though he has scored 76 goals in 71 games! In my opinion Cristiano Ronaldo is a superb player the same as Lionel Messi and is also surrounded by world class players. Playing against Ronaldo would be extremely hard he has incredible dribbling and is great at skills, and has really powerful shots which allow him to shoot from far out. He is also great at free-kicks.

Now for the conclusion: In my opinion if I had the option to sign either Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, I would sign Cristiano Ronaldo due to his dribbling ability, skills, strength, powerful shots and he is fast and has a great free-kick.The same can be said about Lionel Messi but I always have preferred Cristiano Ronaldo. Don’t get my wrong Lionel Messi is a superb player but I just prefer Ronaldo. It was a really hard decision to decide between these two players but I eventually decided to go for Ronaldo

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