QPR 1-0 Chelsea – My Opinion

We can’t blame QPR for the refereeing decisions, its the referee’s fault. QPR’s penalty was close and for me was hard to decide on. Helguson did over react and there was no need for him to fall onto the floor. David Luiz shouldn’t have pushed though there was no need. In my opinion David Luiz should play in the holding midfielder role and Chelsea fans would no longer see stupid tackles in the area causing penalties and David Luiz would play much much better as a holding midfielder.

The Boswinga red card was an awful decision and Chelsea should appeal. John Terry was covering and on top of that they was both pushing and pulling, it shouldn’t of even been a foul. I admit the Drogba red card was a red card, terrible tackle from Drogba very similar to the Torres tackle, there was no need.

Throughout the game the referee Chris Foy was making terrible decisions. Chelsea had three denied penalties similar to the Hegulson  situation, pushed in the back in the area. If the referee is giving a penalty to QPR side for a push in the back, he has to give it to Chelsea really, but he didn’t.

In the end Chelsea ended up with 9 booking and QPR ended up with 2 bookings. Chris Foy should never referee another premier league game again,  the referee was nearly as worse as the referee in the Chelsea v Barcelona semi final in the Champions League. Favoritism was clearly given to the home side QPR and it was ridiculous. AVB has every right to be angry at Chris Foy and so does everyone.

Despite Chelsea having 9 men, they played really well and was brave they didn’t want to take a loss from Lotus road. If the referee was fair, Chelsea would of had an better chance of winning.

At the end of the day Chelsea did lose and did not deserve the loss, Chris Foy should apologize and I hope the FA investigate into the awful refereeing decisions.


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