Sunderland AFC



Just a little post about all things Sunderland AFC. This is my own opinions and I would love you all to comment as well, disagree, agree or a bit a both feel free to add something to this and tell me you’re views.

I feel that under Martin O’neil this club can go from strength to strength, next season I honestly believe the challenge is to finish 7th top with 2 very good cup runs, meaning a possibility of getting into Europe,  I know this might sound optimistic and maybe even a bit far fetched, but if you look at the stature of the club from top to bottom I believe our club is in a fantastic situation, if Ellis Short continues to back us and Martin works his magic we can only improve. I am looking forward to seeing what sort of players O’neil tries to bring in now the window is now open and also who he ships out. Everyone knows we need a striker and also some more defenders, with these additions we are certainly going to be a force not to be taken lightly, as for getting Middlesbrough in the cup we should get through to the 5th round (for the first time since we ended up getting beat in the semi-final in 2004!) then you never know we could end up getting to Wembley with a bit of luck and hard work. Overall I genially believe we are in a superb situation for this club to progress and end up in Europe and cement a solid high position in the premier league.


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