Why a little creativity would go a long way for Watford

Sean Dyche admitted in his post match interview that Watford lacked quality yesterday, and I think most fans would agree. It has been Watford’s problem for large spells of the season; they lack that spark that Kightly brought when he was on his all too brief loan spell. He was always the player they looked too when they needed that little bit extra, that unexpected turn that allows a half chance or even just a corner which can lift the fans, the players it can really lead to a surge of pressure. This is where Watford need to bring in a tricky winger, someone who will go past a player and put a ball across the six yard box for players to attack. Their current wingers don’t do that; Forsyth is hard working but he lacks pace and the ability to go past a player so it leaves them stuck 30 yards from goal with no penetration. Yeates is much the same, a good player and someone who can certainly deliver a good ball in from a set piece but he also has limited abilities in open play. So what do they do?
Well perhaps for once for Watford the January transfer window is the answer, which in previous years has been a worrying time for Watford fans. They have constantly feared losing our best players and have always been in a position where they have little choice but to sell players like Ashley Young and Marlon King; leaving them destined for a poor 2nd half to the season. This year could be different. Dyche has come out in the Watford Observer last week and revealed they don’t need to sell anyone on the cheap during this window, unlike previous seasons where a top player has left and they’ve struggled, even last season where Mutch returned to Birmingham City and suddenly the midfield lacked something going forward. If they keep their resolve and perhaps sign a player surplus to requirements in the Premier League either on loan or permanently they could really push on towards the top half of the table, which their form was worthy of while Kightly was there.
One player that may be available could be Tommy Smith at QPR. With him being surplus to requirements in the 1st XI there during the first half of the season, and with a new manager in Mark Hughes seemingly having very high ambitions, Smith could become a forgotten man. If Watford were to get him on loan for the rest of the season, he could be that man to not only bag a few goals and go past a few players but he could ignite a real push for the top half of the table. The loan would make sense for all parties too, Smith could play regular football and wouldn’t have to uproot his family, Watford will have the player they are missing and if QPR’s ambitions don’t meet there league position and they get relegated Smith would return and replace the players that would inevitably leave in order to play Premier League football. It’s a perfect fit, surely?


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