Why Ravel Morrison Would Be A Fool To Leave The Theatre Of Dreams


Frustrated contract rebel at Manchester United, Ravel Morrison has become the subject of divided opinions throughout his brief career with the current Premier League Champions. The youngster has got the Twitter world glued to their screens as every tweet he posts is being scrutinised for any clues as to his future career path. In this blog, I will try to analyse the youngster’s position and try to shed some light on the situation.

The 18 year old is a local lad, born in Wythenshawe. He is a lifelong United supporter, with serious potential, but heavily curtailed with off-field problems, most notably being subject of criminal investigations. As an avid follower of Manchester United, my boyhood club, I have seen enough footage of Morrison in reserve team action to be of the opinion that the boy can be the master of his own destiny. Many insiders and followers of the club will tell you young Ravel could be one of Fergie’s latest fledglings after the superb introductions of Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley and obviously the generation of the 90s Giggs, Beckham, Neville’s, Scholes, Butt… The list goes on. But the ultimate question is whether Morrison can join these illustrious names in Old Trafford history?

Currently, there are mixed messages coming out of both camps, as expected. Morrison tweeted to say ‘there had been no offer from United’. Sir Alex in his pre-Bolton press conference stated, Morrison’s ‘demands were unrealistic’. Who is in the right? Fergie claimed his ‘agent was working hard to find him another club’. It is a very sticky situation, with contract talks seemingly at an impasse. As a 20 year old from Salford, I can only relate to Ravel Morrison from my own experiences: I would give everyhting and more to be in Ravel’s position, a young local lad trying to make the grade, with talent in abundance, the aura of Old Trafford itself on matchday would be enough for me to put pen to paper, let alone playing with some of the best players on the planet under the best British manager ever to grace the game. What more could he want, knowing he could become a legend at England’s most successful football club? He needs to look around the stadium and around the city to realise so many people would give an arm and a leg to play for this great club.

To be frank, I am guessing Ravel is being badly advised by his representatives. As Sir Matt Busby once famously said, ‘you don’t need to go searching for money at Manchester United, the money will come to you’. This could not be more true. I am going to put myself in Morrison’s shoes for a second: Playing for the team I love, I would not seek any excess financial gain before I had not even established myself in the starting XI week in, week out. It says a lot that Paul Scholes is gracing the hallowed turf now at 37, Ryan Giggs is still plying his trade at the grand age of 38, yet not just Morrison but also Paul Pogba (also out of contract in the summer) have not become concrete in Sir Alex’s plans as of yet. What I am implying is that Morrison has not yet justified the demands he is supposedly seeking. I would also not look to join any other club when I knew I could realise my potential under the current setup. Sure, Morrison would get 1st team football elsewhere but would be fulfil his enormous potential? I am highly doubtful. We will see how this contractual saga unfolds not just for Morrison but for Pogba also, but one thing would be certain, they both would be taking major steps backwards if they departed from the Theatre of Dreams.


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