Man City = Champions

I’m going to start my first ever blog with a simple statement – Manchester City will be champions come the end of this season. Obviously this isn’t the bravest or most shock statement but there are a few good reasons why I think this is the case: –

Carlos Tevez – First one on my list is the handling of the Carlos Tevez affair. This was a potential season being ruined. The fact that the talisman of the club point-blank refused to warm up to come on when they needed a hero, this could have destroyed team morale and been the end of Mancini’s spell. The fact was it went the other way, Mancini was given full control of the playing staff and at that moment he decided Carlos Tevez would never play for Manchester City again. A decision which was fully supported by the rest of the playing staff and the emerging new leader of the team Vincent Kompany. This united the dressing room behind Mancini and secured his place as the man not to be crossed.

David Silva -This man has been the best player in the Premier League this season, no exceptions. He has been the polar opposite of Carlos Tevez in that despite his obvious talent he has shown himself to be a real team player. Four more assists than any other player in the Premier League and five goals to boot. With him fit and able there is no limit to what he and they can achieve.

Champions League -Although this was a blow for their season over all this may be a blessing in disguise for Manchester City. Manchester City want to be European champions and want to dominate world football, they first need to conquer English football. Sir Alex Ferguson knows this, it was 13 years from when he took the reigns of Manchester United to him winning the European Cup in one of the great finishes of a football match. I’m not suggesting this is the timeframe City need to look to win this competition but what preceded this was a period of English dominance. My point being that City did not let this disappointment hit them too much and focused (correctly) on the solid fact they have fewer games they care about to focus on meaning less of a strain on their first team players.

That result – Although how impressive the 6-1 mauling of Manchester United at Old Trafford was this wasn’t the result I was talking about. Yes beating the local rivals and main title contenders was an impressive feat but it’s worth remembering that United were down their most influential defender having been sent off and City picked them off on the counter. Although it’s worth noting how much better City dealt with losing their defender at home against United to a red card in the FA Cup. The result I was talking about was the result from last night, that result away at a relegation threatened team missing crucial players. The team was missing Kompany, Kolo Toure, Yaya Toure and Balotelli, some of the more influential players of the season. Yet they still dogged out that result, that was the result champions deliver when playing poorly.

As will be the case with all my blogs I really want to get the football debate stirred, tweet me your thoughts @greg_doug. Am i right? Am I talking nonsense? Do you think the title winners will be Manchester United? Maybe even Spurs?


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