Everton Transfer Policy

I’ll start off my first post by introducing myself. The name’s Paul and I’m a massive Everton and Benfica fan. Go to Goodison (money permitting) but I’m yet to enjoy the experience of seeing Benfica at home. 

Onto more pressing issues! 

For the first time in a couple of years, Everton have forked out on a senior player. That player being Darron Gibson, formerly of Manchester United. I’ve seen a lot of comments and posts over the past couple of days with mixed reaction. On a whole, this is good news. In the last transfer we had the (some would say unfortunate) sale of Mikel Arteta. Personally, although disappointed at first, it was good business and I think Arsenal bought him 2 years too late. A lot of questions have been asked about where the money from that sale went. As most of you know, Robert Elstone posted a very detailed account of the ins and outs of the Everton accounts. I think it’s fair to say that it made sense for a chunk of that to go into renewing deals for current key players. However, many fans have become disillusioned with Everton’s transfer policy of bringing in relatively unknown players from lower leagues for pennies compared to the likes of big spending City in recent windows. When you think about it though, it’s not been too bad. David Moyes has an eye for a bargain, who had heard of Tim Cahill? Seamus Coleman? Nevertheless, this foray into the transfer window has been fairly surprising for most. With Donovan coming in on loan as well as the Gibson signing, Moyes has actually been one of the more busy managers in the league. 

Anyway, with my original point. Gibson can only be a good buy for Everton. He’s a passing midfielder who has an eye for goal. Watching him making his debut against Aston Villa, he gave an option, he created space and moved into it. Something the Everton midfield has lacked in previous years.

There is criticism as to him not “making it” in the United squad, but it’s got some fairly good midfielders giving competition for places. With the current injury crisis at Everton, playing time is what Gibson needs and a midfielder is what Everton want. 


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