Ferguson’s Signings Hit Snag

Since 2009 and the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, Ferguson’s highest transfer fee was on Dimitar Berbatov, since then he signed players with lower fees and giving the team the blast they need. But as most of us have seen United have fallen short of players who could make the difference or step up for the moment, causing them to get out of all European Tournaments this year, and struggling with small teams in the EPL, such as Everton that pretty much destroyed the United dream of a 20th trophy.
Sir Alex Ferguson decided to chase the Belgian international Eden Hazard, and give the young talent a chance in the Old Trafford in hopes to create out of him the next worlds best player, but as usual Hazard wasn’t tempted enough and went astray to sign for Chelsea F.C which have offered him 200K per week. Then comes Kagawa, another transfer target who united may fail to acquire due to transfer fee and job certification problems.
Then all eyes where turned onto Modric, which Tottenham have stated they wont sell him expect for the right price, something in the range of 32 Million, but again Sir Alex Ferguson refuses to pay the amount of money, and might cause this target to go astray. Looks like United wont be signing any big names yet again.


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