Gary Cahill out of Euro’s

Gary Cahill colliding with fellow England team mate Joe Hart

During yesterdays England vs. Belguim friendly England and Chelsea central defender Gary Cahill fractured his jaw in two places ruling him out of the Euro’s. Dries Mertens was chasing down a fairly poor long ball when Gary Cahill put his body inbetween the ball and the PSV winger. When Joe Hart came to collect the ball  Mertens pushed Cahill from behind and there was a collision between the central defender and goalkeeper. Mertens then went on to score from a very tight angle but the goal was not given as Danish referee Peter Rasmussen blew for a free kick and at which point Mertens recieved a yellow card. Cahill was replaced by Man City’s Joleon Lescott early in the first half. Cahill’s jaw badly smashed of Joe Hart’s shoulder shown on a replay.

Dries Marten updated his Twitter today that “I sincerely apologize for the harm I’ve cost to Cahill. When in the heat of the moment, you often don’t think about the consequences.

“My thoughts go out to him and I hope he recovers well!”

Todays there was speculations as who would Roy Hodgeson choose to replace Gary Cahill with most English fans wanting and expecting Rio Ferdinand there was a shock was it was revealed that Liverpool’s second choice right back was to step in.

Rio Ferdinand said via Twitter that the new England manager was treating the defender “with a total lack of respect”.

Is Rio Ferdinand too old to play or is it something to do with racially accused central defender John Terry?


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