How Football works in 2012

The way football is setup these days has always been a big point of interest and discusion, over the last few years we have seen big clubs beeing bought by the super rich like Chelsea FC by Abramovic in the UK, but the other development or way to run a club is the spanish way.

Take Real Madrid for example big club big name all is well, but a big club has to show that they can still perform like a big club which for the last few years was not really happening for Real yes they came second in the primera division last year and even won the cup final over FC Barcelona, but still it is only a second place so investments had to be done and what do you know, Real is number one once again in front of Barca in the primera division, well thats that you would think but what it has took to get to this championship is a lot of money or depth

Now in England this does not happen in England the big teams get bought by a super rich football fan as their personal toy with which they try to win championships, kind of like a game for normal people, now this method untough it took a few years has proven to be a working method because not only did Chelsea Fc win the Champions league also Man City won the premier league over Man Utd which is not in the hands of a super rich businessman yet

So te way football is organised these days is not a very stable way usually with big risks bound to be taken, but it has shown that to win prices you will need to put your money where your mouth is


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