Why Fergie needs to break the bank if he wants to reclaim the Title

It took just 5 mins of added time for the Premier League Title to go from Old Trafford to Etihad. Sergio Agueros strike broke millions of hearts around the globe. The 2011/12 season was an entire failure for Man United compared to their usual seasons of Glory and Trophies. Knocked out of all the cup competitions and losing the title. That is not what the history of United represents. But with Chelsea and City reinforcing their squads and spending millions on major talents, Uniteds squad is relatively weaker. A lot of debate has exploded on Uniteds weak Midfield and Patrice Evras Defensive problems in recent weeks. And its hard to disagree with this criticism, Uniteds midfield hasnt been that attractive and doesnt pose a natural threat.

Fergie hasnt replaced Roy Keane, Ronaldo and Nistelrooy completely And he will face the same problem replacing Giggs and as we have witnesssed Paul Scholes. So after failing in Europe aswell what does Fergie need to do? Make siginings and big ones if he wants to stay in the title race next season. Chelsea have already bolstered their squad with big names and so will City.

Shinji Kagawa looks to be set to Old Trafford and fill in behind the strikers or as a possible CM. But the sigining Fergie must make is that of Luka Modric, Leighton Baines and James Rodriguez aswell. But to make these signings happen he needs atleast 70 million and the Glazers wont be happy to supply that amount of transfer fees. But all these signings will revolutionize Man United. The Midfield problem and defensive frailties will be solved.

First up Luka Modric. The Croatian is an absolute classy midfielder and an ideal replacement for Scholes but his hefty price of 32 Million might cause problems but he is the man Utd need to compete with City and Chelsea.  Kagawa will also be a smart signing. The Bundesliga Player of the Year can cover for Rooney in the CAM position and might also be deployed in the Center. Baines is a quality LB and after witnessing Evras downfall this season, Fergie cant take a risk so he should snap up Leighton as soon as possible. James Rodriguez dubbed Next Ronaldo had a standout season for Porto and has revealed that he might not be able to turn down an offer from mufc. Although United are strong on the wings but Nani and Young are inconsistent at times and do not provide the fear factor. Rodriguez under Fergie could thrive and possibly take the vacant and treasured no.7 jersey.

With these signings i can see the Title back to Old Trafford but in order for this to occur, Fergie Must make improvements or see the Title drift away yet again.

– Ozair Minhas


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