Robin van Persie next club odds.

With Robin Van Persie stating he will not be renewing his contract at Arsenal, these are the current odds of his next club.

MAN CITY – 10/11





AC MILAN – 33/1

CHELSEA – 33/1

PSG – 33/1



All odds are via Sky Bet.

Date of odds: 7/7/12. Time of odds: 23:20.


One thought on “Robin van Persie next club odds.

  1. Many emotions come to mind about this subject. Mostly frustration.
    RVP wouldn’t commit to a new contract a long time ago… That tells you everything!
    He is in his prime footballing years now and what has he won? Everyone knows this answer.
    I do not believe its money orientated with him. AFC will give him a huge salary/signing on fee etc….
    He wants titles/winners medals and if we are being honest he won’t win them with us in the near future. For years now we have feed Europe with our best players and invested nothing back in the way of experience. Wengers ‘kids’ have all grown up and produced nothing. This football philosophy of youth doesn’t work. Our current squad has a handful of class players. The rest are average yet so much is expected of them but I’m afraid they just don’t possess the ability which is expected out of them.
    Instead of admitting Wenger’s philosophy is wrong we are still prolonging with it and year by year we are getting worse and the teams around us are getting better and the ones above us are getting stronger.
    This squad needs a massive overall and and some heavy, heavy investment. Everyone can see this, especially the supporters who have seen our team deteriorate over the last 7 or so years.
    RVP has been injured a lot…. A lot! We have neutered him through years of bad times, supported him and created him into what he is. You won’t get any loyalty because of that. He has a handful of years now to win something and achieve some recognition for his abilities. Again… He wants to win!
    I can’t blame him for wanting to find success elsewhere. Apart from Vieira (who won things with us), since then we have had Henry and Cesc who both left for the reasons RVP is going to leave. That’s what’s frustrating because since even back then, the situation keeps repeating itself and nothing has changed. The squad is not good enough and can’t compete at the top level and our past and present captains know this. AFC have never come out and said we have this amount for Transfers, these are our targets in the window. No one ever knows what’s going on outside the club.
    Personally I want to see him move abroad. Anywhere but Manchester. He is class and deserves to depart on the same level of appreciation as Henry and Cesc. It’s not his fault the club haven’t lived up to the promises they preached.

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