Lionel Messi’s achievements.

Lionel Messi.

He’s 25. He’s scored 281 professional goals, played for Argentina 70 times, won 21 trophies and holds 19 world records.

This graphic shows every trophy that Lionel Messi has won.

Trophies won by Messi, Pelé, Cruyff, Maradona & Di Stefano at the age of 25.

Messi’s main records for Barcelona in the 2011-12 season.

Results Barcelona under Pep with and withóut the goals of Messi.

With Barcelona and ARG, Messi has been directly involved in 115 goals during 2011/12 season. 82 goals, 33 assists. Amazing.



2 thoughts on “Lionel Messi’s achievements.

  1. He does get critized for his international achievements, I believe that’s rediculous! I mean he is only 25 and probably has 2more world cups who knows what will happen than? This Lad is remarkable and unbelievable he doesn’t even have an ego, those who critisize him don’t appreciate the era they are living in, we are lucky to see such a player ! He is consistent and down to earth! Him being compared to Ronaldo should stop! He’s out of Ronaldos league, although we have to appreciate Ronalos brilliance. Messi is out of this world ! I have t see him in a Barcalona kit before I lay dead!

    • He’s out of Ronaldo’s league? Ronaldo was better past season. He gets criticized because he has 10 competitive goals with Argentina… Get it?

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